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It is highly recommended that patients leave valuables at home.

Patient safety is the highest priority for our staff at College Hospital Cerritos. One of the major ways we are able to maintain a safe and therapeutic environment for our patients is by prohibiting the storage of certain items in patient rooms.  Those items are considered to be “contraband” on all units and will be securely stored during a patients stay in the hospital.  The following is a list of most common contrabands although it is not inclusive.


  1. Alcohol or any drug related paraphernalia.
  2. Sharp objects such as razors, scissors, glass bottles, mirrors, picture frames, needles, pins, aluminum cans, spiral notebooks, keys, make-up pencil sharpeners, paper clips, hair clips, underwire bras, and any other item with sharp edges or which can be broken to create sharp edges.
  3. Shoe laces, belts, panty hose, rope, head bands, ace bandages and clothing with draw strings or long ties.
  4. Matches, lighters and cigarettes.
  5. Aerosol cans or fireworks of any kind.
  6. Personal televisions, stereo, video games, walkmans, cassette or CD players/recorders, “boom boxes”, MP3 players, computers, palm pilots, pagers, cell phones, any item with an electrical cord, cameras, camcorders or any type of audio visual recording device, etc…
  7. Magazines, books, pictures, or clothing items depicting drug or alcohol use, violence, racism, gangs, sexual situations or activities, Satanism or otherwise potentially offensive material.
  8. Weapons of any kind.
  9. Candles or incense.
  10. Plastic bags.
  11. Medications of any kind (medication will be stored and dispensed by MD order only).
  12. Money, credit cards, jewelry, cell phones and other valuables will be placed in the hospital safe until discharge.  Patients may keep a small amount of money with them on the unit.
  13. Any other item deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the clinical staff.

All contraband items that cannot be sent home with family or friends will be stored securely on the unit or in the safe until discharge.  Any illegal substance will be destroyed by two licensed staff members and weapons will be turned over to the police department.

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