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Medical Detoxification Program

College Hospital Costa Mesa offers confidential and discrete inpatient detoxification services from chemical substances that are tailored to the individual treatment needs of each client.  We have been providing traditional detoxification treatments for over 15 years and now offer some of the latest detoxification interventions for alcohol, opioids, and prescription pain medication. These programs may consist of medications that reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and address other medical issues such as malnutrition, depression, or anxiety.

Introducing the Innovative Next Step in the support and treatment of drug and alcohol dependence. Should you wish to aid a loved one in their road to sobriety in the form of prepaid detoxification services, arrangements can be made through our financial services department. Contact our financial services department for details.

Dual Diagnosis

Recognizing that it is not uncommon for client’s seeking detoxification to also have active symptoms of depression and anxiety or to have been previously treated for various behavioral health problems like bipolar disorder or an eating disorder, we offer an integrated treatment approach combining the clinical experience of our medical, behavioral, and chemical dependency departments into one program.  The Medical Detoxification & Co-Occurring Disorders Track located on the Medical Floor offers a setting for clients who can benefit from a coordinated detoxification approach.

The Chemical Dependency Counselors and Social Services staff at College Hospital Costa Mesa understand that detoxification is only one component of sobriety and have formalized relationships with community providers for easy transition and linkage to chemical dependency aftercare programs for continued treatment and recovery.

Program Components:

  • Certified Medical Staff – American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • On-Site Physician 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Consulting Psychiatrists for Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Drug & Alcohol and Dual Diagnosis Counselors
  • Private Room on Medical Floor (subject to availability)
  • Daily Counseling: Individual, Group and Family
  • Daily Chemical Dependency Education
  • Comprehensive Case Management and Coordinated Treatment
  • In-House Support Group: CA, AA, NA
  • Transition and Linkage to community-based aftercare programs (Outpatient, Sober Living, Residential, Support Groups)
  • 24-Hour Access Center for Information and Admissions (800) 773-8001
Notice of Privacy Practices
Special Language Needs Program

College Hospital Costa Mesa recognizes that language and/or communication barriers may exist between patients and hospital staff. Please be advised that arrangements will be made for interpreters or bilingual professional staff to ensure adequate and speedy communication between patients and staff at all times. A copy of our Special Language Needs Program Policy is provided here for you to review.

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